Taking Care of Yourself

How many of you actually do that? Take care of yourself? How much time a day do you spend taking care of yourself? Do you even take time to nurture yourself?

I suggest you spend 15 minutes a day “recalibrating” yourself. I like to do this through writing about my day or things that are going on in my life. I have about half a dozen notebooks around the house that I write in whenever the moment hits me with an idea, a thought, whatever comes to mind that I need to get out of me and out there to the universe and God! This helps me to get it out and refocus on my goals. If I didn’t do this, I think I would self implode!

This may sound a bit overboard to all of you, but to those of you that like to write, it may be right on target for you!

There are several ways to nurture yourselves and I am sure some of you have some ideas in mind already! Maybe a bubble bath is right up your alley or a few minutes playing a video game is just right for you! Whatever it is, do something for 15 minutes a day to relax your mind and refocus your energy.

You will find that doing this will help you relax and enjoy your loved ones more! So don’t think that you are taking time away from your loved ones if that is what you are worried about! Think of it as you are taking time for you to be refreshed and relaxed and able to fully engage in the time with your loved ones.

If you STILL have excuses, just try it! You will see that once you start to take care of yourself and do something for you each day, you will feel better for it! I challenge you to do this for yourself!


One Response to “Taking Care of Yourself”

  1. Luci Gabel Says:

    I completely agree and I love this post!

    Being self -employed like I am can lead to working all the time, in every spare minute. When I first started my business I let myself work so hard and so much that I couldn’t sleep even though I was terribly tired. My body would feel as though I had a plug into a wall outlet and there was an electric current going through it (jittery like that). When I realized I was overdoing it, I began to take meditation classes, which really helped. I also found that acupuncture on a regular basis helped me to sleep better.

    Now, I try to take taking 30 minutes to an hour to myself every day (I try) for a bath, meditation, a walk, or something relaxing. It’s counterintuitive since I have so many things on my to-do list, but doing so actually helps my brain to work better when I am at the job. I also do it so I can keep healthy sleep patterns, and so I can be the loving caring person that I want to be for family and friends.

    This is so important for people to know! I teach people how to exercise and eat right, but it’s equally important to have rest and recovery time so that the body AND the brain can work optimally. I hope many people read this.

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